That’s all, folks.

Well #thsmcamp15 has come to a close, but don’t worry, you still get a recap on the greatness from last day and a half of camp! Sorry it is late, I kind of fell into a post-camp coma, but have emerged from the cocoon and am ecstatic to share with you all that Jesus did as camp wrapped up. IMG_5846Our last morning show ended with a game called Put it on a Cracker, where two students got to eat a cracker topped with a mysterious pureed mixture and try to be the first to crack the code of what was in the mixture. It was disgusting and comical, which always makes for a great way to start the day!

Neil led us in a time of considering the doctrine of salvation and the doctrine of providence, teaching us more about the character of God and the beauty of His sovereign will. He finished up talking about these five big life questions that most students will answer in the next 5-10 years…

  1. Who will I be?
  2. What will I worship?
  3. Where will I live?
  4. What will I do?
  5. Who will I marry?

What we believe, or don’t believe, about God will directly impact the way that we answer these questions and how we spend our lives. Praise be to God that He already knows how these questions will be answered in each of our lives and that He is 100% sovereign and gracious in our journey.
IMG_5887After that we moved on to the last day, best day of recreation! We finished up strong with Water Day. Students got to slide down a giant slip-n-slide, play pool Quidditch, go head to head in a drench-n-drain competition (get your hair wet and then drain it into a bucket), and jump to victory in a diving board competition. It was a great way to end our recreation time together. Junior High finished up their last small group time while High School dove into the fun of Water Day. IMG_5877

^^It’s not Water Day until you throw in some animal floaties.


^^There’s an art to having the perfect slide down the slip-n-slide.


^^Team America huddles for one last time as a group


^^These guys are loving the camp life.


Junior High Water Day was a blast, as you can see from the pictures! I am convinced that 7th and 8th graders really know how to make everything fun. And Water Day was no exception!

IMG_5939 We finished off our last evening together, coming before the Lord and asking Him to land on us. Neil led us to Colossians 2:6-7 as we talked about the fuel for abiding. When the gospel is at work in our lives, our hearts’ natural response is gratitude. This gospel-centered gratitude is the fuel for abiding in Christ.

The main questions that Neil asked during our last session together were…

  1. Have you received Christ Jesus as Lord?
  2. Do you find authentic joy in doing the will of God?
  3. What motivates you spiritually?
  4. What’s the most consequential things someone taught you this year?
  5. Who causes you to know Jesus in a fresh way?
  6. How does it make you feel to know that God knows what you think, not just what you say?
  7. How grateful are you to God?

The Father moved through our time together in worship and small group on Monday evening. In really, really cool ways that I still can’t wrap my brain around.

You guys!! This is what the gospel does–brings death to life, completely transforming hearts and minds and lives for the glory of God. And that is exactly what happened at camp. Not because of me or THSM staff or leaders or Neil or Brett or any human or any circumstance. No. Because of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Because the King has won!! Oh, what sweet victory we have in the Lord.


What better way to celebrate victory in the Lord than with baptism? There really is nothing greater. On Tuesday morning, we got to watch 5 students follow Jesus in obedience through baptism, proclaiming boldly in front of everyone that Jesus is their Savior and Lord and, because of that, their complete identity is in Christ alone. Kori Holbert, an upcoming 8th grader, was first to be baptized. IMG_9021^^ Here is Madi Mullen, an upcoming sophomore, getting baptized. IMG_5979

^^Here is Lindsay Eppler, an upcoming sophomore, identifying with Christ in baptism.
IMG_5982^^Here is Caroline Hunt, a rising senior, getting baptized.

IMG_5987^^Here’s Dakota Warren, a rising sophomore, about to get baptized. 

^^This was the perfect way to end #thsmcamp15. It was hot and humid and buggy, but the presence of the Lord was so fresh and real and live-giving that it overcame all of these small first world problems. It was a great celebration of all that God did by the power of His Spirit and the gospel through Camp!


^^We also announced rec winners. The winning team for Junior High Recreation 2015 was the ORANGE TEAM! IMG_5998^^The winners for High School Recreation 2015 was the PINK TEAM!

Overall, it was a Spirit-filled, gospel-centered week of camp. And it is no wonder that we saw God sit the Kingdom down all around us. We saw God answer prayers that have been prayer for years now. We saw the faithfulness of God to move on behalf of His people, all for His glory. I can’t stop smiling and laughing and praising the Lord for the abundant harvest that He has brought through #thsmcamp15.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support and love during our time at camp. Join us in praying that God would continue to bring gospel-transformation and give wisdom in how to best steward all that He is stirring in our students and in The Heights Student Ministry as a whole. We are thankful we get to partner with you in ministry to students at The Heights!

This post was written by Mollie Tyler, the Height’s Students Girls Minister. Mollie has been on staff since June 2014 and thanks God constantly for the opportunity to shepherd the flock of girls He has graciously entrusted to her. Some of Mollie’s favorite things are crafting, baking, people, adventures, and seeing the Kingdom advance all around her.

The final livestream.

It is our last night together at Carolina Creek. Tonight we want to come together to ponder and treasure all that Jesus has done this week and magnify the Lord together.

“I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul makes its boast in the Lord; let the humble hear and be glad. Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together!” Psalm 34:1-3

Come and join us tonight as we worship together. Click play to cue up the livestream.

Camp Live 2

Sunday, fun day.

The second day is done and oh, what a day it was!!!

We kicked off the day with Morning Show, which included a game where two students wore a dog cone and ran around trying to catch splash balls in their collar. I’ve never seen a human don one of these things, and I’m not going to lie, the entertainment value was high!

After that, Neil took the stage and opened up the floor for questions. Anyone could ask Neil any questions they had about the week, abiding, following Jesus, etc. It was incredible. The questions that were asked were so pertinent to everyone in the room, including myself. Questions like “how do you know if you’re abiding”, “how do I hear from God”, “what do you do if you feel like you are praying to air”, etc. were discussed. We could not have planned these questions better so we are in awe of Jesus and how He constantly orchestrates everything perfectly.


We had a dance lesson during camp mail time, too. IMG_5700

After Morning Show, High School went to recreation again. We wanted to celebrate our seniors during the week, so during rec yesterday they got to do the high ropes course together. It was a fun celebration of this fantastic group of seniors.



During rec yesterday, teams were racing the clock to win each challenge. It was a very fun day!

While High School rec-ed it up, Junior High spent time together in the Word in small group.



During lunch we had a special signing ceremony for THSM Hoops. Coach Snyder (on the left) signed contracts with his players that he has chosen to be on the THSM Hoops 2015 team. It was very official, even including putting on a THSM Hoops hat as they accepted the contract. Never a dull moment with these guys! Today they take the court and challenge the THSM Staff to see who will come out victorious.


After lunch, Junior High took to the rec fields. It was a battle till the end! They left it all on the field.



During free time, students got to choose from all of the many different activities again. Our free time competition today was a Blob competition. Contestants were judged on form, creativity, height, and entertainment value. One of our seventh graders named Vishnu blobbed his way to victory!


IMG_5826Many students enjoyed their turn on the cable park, tubing and wake boarding their hearts out. I actually got to take a turn on the tube, too. It did not disappoint!! It is very fun and cool. Whoever came up with this idea was pretty genius! Our students are loving it.

The only way to describe worship last night is JESUS. As Brett and the band led us, they called us to consider our righteous position before God that we have through Christ alone. And then led us in an incredible time where we proclaimed our identity in Christ as sons and daughters of God.

Neil challenged us with the story from Mark 14 where the woman anoints Him with a flask of nard, an incredibly expensive (equivalent to the price of a normal year’s salary) perfume/ointment. Mary didn’t just want to be fixed, she wanted to be a friend of Jesus.

The main questions that Neil asked last night were…

  • Is your relationship with Jesus therapeutic or personal?
  • If going to church was no longer an option, how would people know you’re a Christian?
  • What extravagant thing did your faith cause you to do this past year?
  • How big is your YES to God these days?

As Neil finished talking, we all just sensed the need to sit and listen to God. Brett came back up and played while we sat and listened to what God was stirring in us. Then student had time to respond.

You guys, this was a beautiful and genuine time of response to the Lord. It was not contrived or emotion based. Just pure response to the gospel. I tear up just thinking back on it. So many answered prayers in the room last night, making perfect display of God’s great faithfulness, power and love towards His people. This is the what it looks like for the Kingdom of God to come. And oh, how it has come in abundance!!

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” 1 Peter 1:3

Thank you for your prayers and asking God to move. HE IS! Keep asking the Lord to move here, getting done what He wants done!

This post was written by Mollie Tyler, the Height’s Students Girls Minister. Mollie has been on staff since June 2014 and thanks God constantly for the opportunity to shepherd the flock of girls He has graciously entrusted to her. Some of Mollie’s favorite things are crafting, baking, people, adventures, and seeing the Kingdom advance all around her.

Camp so far…

It’s the end of the first full day of camp and here are some photos from #thsmcamp2015 so far.

Our first night of worship started off strong. We began in prayer, asking the Lord to move and get done what He wants done through our time at camp. Then we met Brett Land and his band for the first time as they led us to the throne of the Lord in worship. Neil then came up and we dove into 2 Samuel 9, honing in on the beauty of the Lord’s invitation for us to come and dwell with Him at His table as His sons and daughters. He sets up his talks with questions peppered in that leaders get to go and unpack with students after the service. Last night’s questions were–

  • Who has dropped you in your life? Who was supposed to be there for you and was not?
  • If God spoke your name tonight, how would your name come out of His mouth?
  • As you come into this week, what are some of your biggest fears in life?
  • Do you relate to God more like a servant or a son/daughter of God?


Every night after our service and small group time, we have THSM After Hours, which is a different theme every night. Last night we had a Night Swim party, which consisted of a lot of blobbing, splashing and flopping. Destiny Walker belly-flopped her way to victory in our contest. It was a splashing good time! 🙂 


We started off our morning with breakfast and devotional time for students. This week during devotional time students are working through the Lord’s prayer and wrestling with what it looks like to abide with the Father. We then had our Morning Show and Celebration.

This consisted of…

  • THSM’s version of Candy Land
    • Playing a life-size version of Candy Land. The color space the two students landed on corresponded with a weird food combinations (like peach jelly, seaweed, and frosted mini wheats) that they had to eat. They did it like champs!
  • Laughing through some funny Camp Mail
  • Praising Jesus in song
  • Being challenged by Neil with questions that shape our worldview and how we answer these questions in light of the gospel
    1. Who am I?
    2. Where am I?
    3. Where did it all go wrong?
    4. How can it be fixed?

Our main prayer as we wrapped up the morning was that the Lord would draw us near to Himself so that we might experience His fount of many blessings anew today.

High Schoolers then went to recreation, where they went head-to-head in six different challenges. Junior High students spent time in small group, digging into the meat of what it looks like to abide.

After lunch, they swapped.

Since we announced rec colors early this year, teams were extremely spirited and decked out in their color! This added a whole new level of fun and competition to the games.

Team America was feeling very patriotic as they began recreation!


Tube Tug-a-War is a THSM classic and it did not disappoint today! I watched many hot and sweaty students being drug through the sand volleyball court as they hung on to the tube for dear life. It was pure greatness!



Some of our junior girls brought their hammocks so they could “hang” out. Aerial Bible study anyone?


Every afternoon students have free time where they get to choose from many of the different activities that Carolina Creek has to offer. Many students got to zip through the air on the Zipline and High Ropes course today. These adventure are not for the faint of heart, I tell ya!

Other free time options that students got to enjoy today were…

  • A Spikeball tournament
  • Swimming and blobbing in the pool
  • Tubing and wakeboarding at the cable park (like a miniature lake with cables to pull you instead of boats..I’ll post a picture tomorrow!)
  • THSM Hoops tryouts (the third annual basketball competition between students and THSM staff) tryouts

After free time, we had dinner and then came together to worship the King. Tonight we camped out in Hosea 3. Our main focus was on the part of verse two that says, “so I bought her…” Because God is who He is, He has done for us what we couldn’t do ourselves–bought us with the precious blood of His Son–so we might be reconciled to Him for His glory. It’s because of this redemption that we get to abide in the Lord. Oh how marvelous is the Savior’s love for His people! 

Here are the questions Neil asked throughout his sermon tonight–

  • What’s scandalous about the way you love people?
  • What motivates you to sin?
  • Can you feel when you have sinned? If so, what does it feel like?
  • When you sin, what are you violating?
  • What would it look like for God to be good to you right now in your life?
  • What would it look like for you to live belief that God’s goodness and mercy are following you?

IMG_5677We ended our night with Zooza Palooza, which was a zoo animal themed dance party with inflatables. It was a BLAST, you guys. THSM students can make anything fun, and tonight was no exception. 

It’s been a day full of fun and depth and the beauty of Christ at work in His people. Join us in praying for more–more Jesus, more abiding, more adoration of Jesus, more repentance, more gospel understanding and transformation (more sleep 🙂 ). Don’t forget–you can join our sessions via livestream here. It’s good to be at camp!

This post was written by Mollie Tyler, the Height’s Students Girls Minister. Mollie has been on staff since June 2014 and thanks God constantly for the opportunity to shepherd the flock of girls He has graciously entrusted to her. Some of Mollie’s favorite things are crafting, baking, people, adventures, and seeing the Kingdom advance all around her.

Top of the mornin’ to ya!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! Day two of camp is here and we are extremely excited about it! Today we are looking forward to a day full of recreation, time studying the Word together, and an afternoon spent enjoying all the fun activities that Carolina Creek has to offer. Before all of that starts, join us this morning as we spend time together expanding on what it looks like for us to abide in the Lord. Click the play button below to join in. Camp Live 1

Greetings from #thsmcamp15

We made it to camp!!!! The bus ride was MUCH shorter this year, praise the Lord! Once we got here, students got into their small groups and dropped their stuff in their cabin. Then we all gathered together for orientation and scattered into a great adventure called the Lakeside Challenge. This sent all 22 small groups across our Carolina Creek campus of Lakeside to complete challenges, racing to be victorious. It was a fantastic way to get oriented to the new camp and build unity amongst small groups. We are about to start our first evening of worship and would love for you to join in with us via our livestream. Click the play button below to be directed to our livestream page to watch along. Camp Live 1Join us in praying for the Spirit to saturate our time tonight and our whole time at camp. Ask God to draw every single heart nearer to Himself. We are excited and expectant!

This post was written by Mollie Tyler, the Height’s Students Girls Minister. Mollie has been on staff since June 2014 and thanks God constantly for the opportunity to shepherd the flock of girls He has graciously entrusted to her. Some of Mollie’s favorite things are crafting, baking, people, adventures, and seeing the Kingdom advance all around her.