Technology & Teenagers Update: “Ghost Apps”

As a student pastor in 2015, surfing social media is actually part of my job responsibility. At least once a week, something grabs my attention and causes my brain to hit the brakes.  Since I am also a dad of two children, many posts about parenting peak my interest.  This morning helped make us more aware of the hidden technological world of teenagers.  A group of about 100 students in a small Colorado high school were exchanging sexual images via text messaging.  Apparently there was a contest to gather as many images of fellow students as possible.  Although that part of the story probably may not surprise you too much in an over-sexualized culture, their method most certainly will.

These students were using what’s called a “ghost” or “hidden” app.  The app appears to be a typical calculator and even works like a calculator.  However, when you type in your password, the “calculator” opens up a photo application used to keep pictures hidden.

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Keeping up with technology can be an incredibly daunting task.  The landscape changes week in and week out creating a monster that feels impossible to overcome.  If you are a parent, I highly encourage you to take 4 minutes to watch the video in this link.  The article also provides a few tips to detect “ghost apps” on your kids’ phone.  We want to do our part at Heights Students to come alongside you as you help your kids grow in their understanding of the Gospel.

In closing, allow me to issue a loving word of challenging warning.  We love our kids at Heights Students.  Our heart is for them to grow deeper in their understanding of who God is and what He offers through Jesus.  That passion and love drives what we do.  I also know that your love for your children trumps anything we could offer.  Having said that, often times we as parents (and pastors) lose sight of our children’s depravity.  We forget or even underestimate their ability to sin.  In the fight for our kids, we must be diligent, sober minded and filled with grace and truth.

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”  Galatians 6:9

Cory Butler
Lead Student Pastor
The Heights Church