XA16 #1: Let the Games Begin

After many months of preparation and prayer, CHI ALPHA 2016 HAS BEGUN!!!! We kicked off XA 2016 last night at The Heights. Everyone got all checked in and found out their host homes. Then they got to hang out with their host home, feasting on cinnamon rolls and taking part in some friendly competition with their groups.

After check-in we all headed down to the student ministry area of the church lovingly called the Brick. Once in the Brick, each grade worth of students competed to put together a puzzle of their Heights Students staff captain. The ninth grade class was speediest to put together a picture of Thomas Seith’s face. Thomas’s consequence? A food-firing line. Think food fight in a cafeteria except Thomas was the only one getting food thrown at him. Here’s the end result.

Then we moved into a game called “Risk It.” We’re going to be talking a lot about taking risks this weekend, and the last game played was very risky indeed. Students doned karate outfits and danced to win their spot in the game.

Jansen Wonders won as the high school representative and Kate Johnson won for Junior High. Jansen and Kate then had four risks to take to win money. These risks included kissing a pig named Hamlet, painting with puréed spam and other such delicacies, and eating some insect trail mix. The last risk got a little fishy. Jansen chose to take it, while Kate opted out. He got a Bayou Bath. Aka got in a trough with crawfish, baby octopi, a Korean squid and a lobster! He took it like a champ and came out the actual champ of the Risk It game. Here’s his reaction to some of our aquatic critters.

We ended the night with Bo Behenna, our student pastor, casting vision for the weekend. The verse that is driving our time this weekend is, “For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen & heard” Acts 4:20. When I read this verse these questions pop into my mind–What does it look like to pursue Christ at all costs?! How do we do this? Why do we do this? What’s keeping us from doing this? And this weekend we are going to be diving deeper into these questions and Scriptures.

This whole week as we’ve been planning and preparing for Chi Alpha, God has been ever present. He’s been working perfectly in every single situation. He’s provided. His Spirit has led us. And after seeing His provision and presence this week, I know without a shadow of a doubt that He is relentlessly pursuing every single heart and soul that is apart of Chi Alpha 2016. He is going to do great things that we cannot explain with any other word but Jesus. And that’s exactly what I’m praying for!! Join us in praying for God to get done what He wants done in every single heart and life this weekend, all for His glory!!

Follow along the Chi Alpha journey by searching #XA16 on Instagram and Twitter. You can also LiveStream our sessions here. We are SO EXCITED!

This post was written by Mollie Tyler, Associate Student Minister.



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