XA 2016: Saturday, Saturday!

Is it really already Saturday afternoon? Chi Alpha weekend seems to be flying by. Our students have had a filled day after some fun time at the host home Friday night. They started Saturday morning with eagerness and maybe a little less sleep than normal! The Spirit is rich among our students and is grabbing hearts and turning lives- we are so thankful! We have had students pray aloud for the first time, students realizing they are called to ministry, students sharing their hearts and lives about their days with their small group leaders. It’s exciting how God is working. Keep the prayers coming!


For our first worship service this morning we heard from some of our seniors who shared their heart for personal evangelism. It was awesome to hear their honest conversation. Some of my favorite statements from them:

“If I’ve tasted and seen that should compel me to tell others.” Maddie Wonders

We talk about things we love so we should value the gospel and telling others about that. – Dylan Tye

“Lord, break our hearts for those who don’t know Jesus”- Amanda McBrayer

It is not only awesome to have mindsets of taking the gospel to those who do not know- but to model that in front of our students adds a whole new level of excitement.


Dave started this morning by challenging our students to live their lives without walls. Dave brought along his daughter Emma, a 7th grader, to talk about the Rhodes family mission statement, which says, “Show and tell people about Jesus in every part of their lives.” Emma said she wants to be a leader this year in her school and not follow whatever the latest trend, but instead to be willing to step into the things God. Dave said that, “Inside every believer is the entire movement for Jesus.”

Dave spoke from Mark 1 whenever Jesus healed the leper. The wonderful thing about Jesus is that He saw the world through a different lens.


Radical reality of the kingdom of God

  • Jesus was filled with compassion to the man with leprosy
  • Jesus touched the man! In a world that was not willing to
  • Extraordinary thing breaks into the ordinary thing


We as Christ followers need to see our reality differently so that we

  • See what Jesus sees.
  • Do what Jesus does.
  • Feel what Jesus feels.


He reminded the students that No one is unredeemable. Jesus modeled the life that nothing is beyond grace and mercy of God instead Jesus looked through everything through the life of Hope.

Dave dared us to see circumstances through the lens of the goodness of God not through our own lens.


Jesus doesn’t just see the leper, he touches the leper!


We dare to live with the hands of faith as Christ followers. In a broken world, we look at things and respond first. The brokenness and devastation does not cause us to back away but we act as first responders and move into the world as those who live with hope. God is a missional God who is in the world. Through his people, the kingdom of God comes here and now! The church does not exist behind the walls, but dares to risk and to move with God.

Dave then totally affirmed and reemphasized the church mission statement “To take personal risks to bring the gospel to every relationship.”


The phenomenal can happen in you and through you because we are filled with the Spirit. We can be filled with what he defined as comPASSION- a heart breaks for the broken.

Dave said, “I don’t want you to work for God but leave this place and work with God.”

Questions to think on-

  • What part of God’s is running through your life?
  • How does this truth change you?

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