XA2016: FriYAY!

What’s the worst part about Chi Alpha? Coming on Thursday night and having a blast then having to go home. Not only go home, but also go to school all the next day. The anticipation for the rest of the weekend is so real.
So needless to say, when 6:30 PM came last night, students were incredibly excited to get back here and jump into the rest of Chi Alpha.

Our staff felt the same way too! All of the college group leaders arrived yesterday afternoon and got some training to prepare them to lead our students. This is a great bunch of leaders, with the majority of them being past Heights Students. We are grateful for the legacy of students who grew up here and have chosen to come back to invest into students. Discipleship is really cool. Expectant to see how God uses the leaders that He’s raised up to shepherd the groups of students this weekend.

Last night we dove into our first session with Unhindered and Dave Rhodes. We are so excited to have them leading us this weekend in song and teaching. The theme of this weekend is Relentless. Last night we were focusing on what it looks like to be Relentless in our praise.

Dave spoke from Judges 6, talking about the life and calling of Gideon. In Judges 6 we see devastation and destruction in Israel because of their sin, the people of Israel crying out to God, and God answering their prayers by choosing Gideon to be their vehicle of deliverance. This passage is really a game-changing passage. Dave talked about some game-changer moments for him in his life. He said, “On the heels of our greatest breakdowns, God can meet us and bring breakthrough.” God meets us in our brokenness. He uses our brokenness to show us who He really is. These moments are game-changers.

He challenged our thoughts of what it means to be Relentless. A lot of times we think about what we can do for God. But, like Dave said, before we have ever been relentless for God, He has been relentlessly pursuing us.

“God is the great hound of heave that sniffs out our hiding spots.”-Francis Thompson

Like Gideon,

  • God sees us
  • God seeks us
  • God names us
  • God calls us

Like Gideon, even in the midst of devastation and brokenness, God is seeing us and seeking us. He dreams of what we are supposed to be. He give us identity and purpose.

As we finished up last night, Dave told us a story about him and his daughter going on a fun day together. She really wanted to go to putt-putt and kept asking to make sure it would be open when they went. He kept promising her it would. But when they got there, it was closed. She was devastated and confused by her dad not keeping his promises at 1:15pm. But then Dave found another place for them to putt-putt and then they got ice cream and had a fantastic day together. By 4:00pm, his daughter was laughing and had a blast. She told her mom, “I have the greatest Daddy!”

At 1:15pm, she was broken and questioning her daddy’s love for her and ability to keep his promises. At 4:00pm, she was confident in her daddy’s character and love for her.

Is it 1:15pm for you? 4:00pm is coming. Jesus is God’s proof that He is keeping His promises towards us. He is seeking us out and finds us in our hiding spots, calling us deeper into Himself and setting us free. He gives us identity and purpose.

The Spirit was heavy last night, speaking clearly through Dave. God has already done so much. We are beginning the morning with expectant hearts for how God is going to move today! Join us on our Livestream here this morning! Continue praying for God to move in power this weekend!


This post was written by Mollie Tyler, Associate Student Minister.

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