The Overview: APRIL

We are very excited for the month of April.  As the school year is wrapping up, we want to be even more intentional with the time we spend with teenagers.  What they will be exposed to in Bible Fellowships, Switch and/or Huddles this month will be very applicable to their current contexts.

Our desire is to affect teenagers’ understanding.  We want to provide them with a right view of God and His Gospel so that they will be empowered to take personal risks to bring the Gospel to every relationship!

Take a look at April.



April 2:  Car Show, 11:00a-4:00p, The Heights Parking Lot (FREE)

April 3:  Parent interest meeting for 2016 Summer Engage Opportunities, 12:15p-12:45p, The Brick (Launch Box: DFW, July 11-15 & Engage Boston, July 16-22)

April 6:  Switch: Scavenger Hunt, 7:00p-8:30p, The Brick

April 10:  2016 Heights Students CAMP registration launch (June 15-19)

April 13:  Switch: Pajamas Night, 7:00p-8:30p, The Brick

April 20:  Switch: Color War (Wear White), 7:00p-8:30p, The Brick

April 27:  Switch: Patio Picnic, 7:00p-8:30p, The Brick

SWITCH:  This month is “April Madness” at Switch. Every night is themed and sure to be a lot of fun for students as we continue to grow deeper in our identity.  There will also be pizza for sale for $1 per slice.

Bible Fellowship:  Junior High BF will continue to gather every Sunday morning at 9:15am or 10:50am in The Brick.



April 2:  Car Show, 11:00a-4:00p, The Heights Parking Lot (FREE)

April 3:  Parent interest meeting for 2016 Summer Engage Opportunities, 12:15p-12:45p, The Brick (Launch Box: DFW, July 11-15 & Engage Boston, July 16-22)

April 3:  Church Huddle, 5:30p-7:00p, The Brick

April 3:  Murphy Huddle, 5:30p-7:00p, Fudge Home

April 6:  Richardson Huddle, 7:00p-8:30p, Harris Home

April 10:  2016 Heights Students CAMP registration launch (June 15-19)

April 10:  Church Huddle, 5:30p-7:00p, The Brick

April 10:  Murphy Huddle, 5:30p-7:00p, Fudge Home

April 13:  Richardson Huddle, 7:00p-8:30p, Harris Home

April 17:  Church Huddle, 5:30p-7:00p, The Brick

April 17:  Murphy Huddle, 5:30p-7:00p, Fudge Home

April 20:  Richardson Huddle (ENGAGE OPP.), 7:00p-8:30p, Harris Home

April 24:  Church Huddle (ENGAGE OPP.), 5:30p-7:00p, The Brick

April 24:  Murphy Huddle (ENGAGE OPP.), 5:30p-7:00p, Fudge Home

April 27:  Richardson Huddle, 7:00p-8:30p, Harris Home

May 1:  Church Huddle, 5:30p-7:00p, The Brick

May 1:  Murphy Huddle, 5:30p-7:00p, Fudge Home

HUDDLES:  Please find each Huddle location’s address on our iPhone app found in the AppStore (search “THSM”) or at  Please note that students are not encouraged to come to every Huddle throughout the week.  Our desire is for high school students to find one meeting time to invest.

Bible Fellowship:  High School BF will continue to gather every Sunday morning at 9:15am in The Brick.



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Bo Behenna
Student Minister
The Heights Student Ministry || @heightsstudents

We Gave Up Social Media For One Week & Lived to Tell About It.

That’s right. No Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. For a whole week!

**Insert shock and awe.**

The crazy thing? It actually wasn’t that bad! I read an actual book (Side note: Go check out The Insanity of God by Nik Ripken), had deep and meaningful conversations that I normally wouldn’t have had, and much more.

So where did this social media blackout idea come from? Coming off of last year’s Honduras trip over spring break, we felt the Lord stirring up in us a desire to fast from the things that are stealing our hearts and minds from God and the Kingdom. We spent a lot of time that week honing in on how we saw the Kingdom advancing all around us and why we don’t really see that happening in our day-to-day lives. For most of us the answer was we are really distracted. As we dug deeper into our distractions, we began to see social media as one of the main culprits.

In light of this, we challenged the whole student ministry to spend Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter, fasting from social media (or whatever their primary distraction is). The goal of the challenge was not for us to just be off social media and fill our time up with some other passing entertainment, but to take that time and spend it with the Lord.

And it was so good! So good that we felt the Lord leading us to challenge the student ministry to do it again this year during Holy Week. Many rose to the challenge and spent the week fasting from the things that so easily entangle and, instead, spending time thinking on things that are above. It was cool to watch people personalize the fast for whatever they felt the Lord calling them to give up over the course of the week. We are going to be sharing some reflections from people who participated over the next few days. Here are a few stories of students and leaders alike that participated in the fast–

Over this past week I gave up Netflix and Youtube. This sounds pathetic but it was really difficult! I had a lot of spare time from not being glued to my laptop which I spent on various things such as doing homework and listening to podcasts-I even went to the gym! These podcasts really helped me focus on the purpose of the blackout. Over the course of the week, all I thought about was Jesus and the relationship I have with him. When I have a repetitive routine, I brush over important things in my faith. For example, if I ever have a moment of doubt, I usually cover it up by watching more Netflix. Without the distractions and the cover ups I allowed myself to dive deeper into why I believe what I do and find answers to the questions I have always had but never had time for. -Emmie Burns, senior at Frisco High School

God taught me many things during the social media blackout. During the day, I realized I was using social media as a “quick break” from work all too often. I depended on it to relax when things got stressful. Without social media, I was forced to just deal with things at work instead of putting it off, which really wasn’t that bad. I got done with things quicker. But it’s amazing how many times a day I want to open Facebook or something. Good grief! Also, when I started getting back on social media, I remembered how much it steals my contentment in Christ. I see so many things that make me actually kind of jealous and discontent with what I’ve got in my life compared to so many of my friends who seem to have really happy lives. It was a nice relief last week to not really see much of that or be tempted to get jealous. I also didn’t feel like as much of a zombie last week! Scrolling through social media just makes me a zombie. It’s so mind-numbing scrolling through everything, especially while it’s slow at work and I’m on it more often. I don’t like that. I sometimes think if I don’t get on it, I’ll miss something, but I really didn’t miss much last week. I just need to be on social media less in general and continue spending more time with the Lord. -Kristen Perry, adult leader in The Heights Student Ministry

It is so cool to see what the Lord teaches us when we humble ourselves and make space for Him to move in us. Praise the Lord for moving in these two ladies and so many others through our fasting last week. We will post a few more stories as the week goes on.

What is keeping you from seeing the Kingdom advance all around you? What is keeping you distracted from abiding in the Lord? Spend some time confessing these things to the Lord and asking Him to give you strength to fight against these distractions. Let’s return to the Lord wholeheartedly today, asking Him to drive out our love for anything but Himself!

“For thus said the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel,  ‘In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and trust shall be your strength.'” Isaiah 30:15


Mollie Tyler, Associate Student Minister–Girls Ministry

Honduras Post #7: Final Musings.


It’s almost been a week since the Honduras team’s plane touched back down on Dallas cement. The trip may be over, but the processing of all God revealed to us and stirred up in us is far from complete. Our team was made up of 14 students and 13 adults. You got to hear from all 14 students throughout our time in Honduras, but we wanted you to hear about the trip from the perspective of some adults that were apart. Here are some of their thoughts and musings—


The first thing I noticed when we walked up to the little house we were visiting on Sunday afternoon was the beautiful grass growing along the little path to the front porch. The second thing was the loudly barking dog who was tied to a post which supported a small roof over a concrete pad to the side of the house. The woman we were about to visit indicated we should steer clear of the mutt or risk getting bit.

As our small group crowded onto the front porch my daughter Kimberly started to share with the woman but the dog’s incessant barking was making it difficult to be heard. I knew I had to try something and so I slowly moved toward the dog and then used the oldest trick in the book for quieting a loud animal, food. I pulled out a pack of cheese peanut butter crackers and tossed one his way as I gently sat near him on the concrete slab. He took a sniff and started eating, and thus stopped barking. Then the real surprise happened.

Now that I was over away from the others a bit I could see there was an open side door to the house and a man was standing there. He smiled at me and I gave him a nod. I realized that he was listening to the testimony being shared on the porch even though he was hidden out of sight. It reminded me that whenever we open our mouths and share about Jesus we just never know who might be listening in and be affected by the power of the Gospel. – Bill Ferrell


This last week in Honduras was unlike any other experience I have personally been a part of in seeing God at work. Between seeing little kids full of joy every day to seeing and hearing the vision of the Promise Home Orphanage and church in person to seeing our hard labor help further the kingdom, there was no way to walk away from that and not see our Father at work there. The Lord showed us what true joy was; it’s not joy that comes from the Lord and the worldly things, but joy that comes from him alone. He also showed us what happens when you listen and obey to the Spirit’s prompting. Not only were others blessed by our obedience to his calling, but so were we because we got to be a part of it and witness it for ourselves that our God is sovereign and faithful.

Today, I walk away changed and want to live out this change. I don’t want to go back to old routines, but rather share this experience to others and relive that experience here at home. I want to be like the Hondurans and have complete joy knowing that I serve a mighty God, not wanting to live for anything else here on earth. I want to be like Bill Hayden, and listen to our Father’s call when asked to go and do. Our God is good and I want to make sure that I continue to share that love and hope that I got to experience this last week. –Kylie Sherrard


I’m very glad that I was able to get to see and participate in what God is doing through Bill Hayden, Adelmo, and the Heights in Honduras. It was great to meet the people of Promise Home, and see the hope and joy they have from the Gospel. The people of the Lord are children of the light, and that’s very evident in what I saw there. It was so cool to see how someone was using their gifts and knowledge to fund the Kingdom of Heaven.

On Sunday afternoon we split into four groups and went into the community, shared our testimony, and gave them food vouchers for the care packages that we made the day before. It was really interesting seeing real poverty and yet in some cases the hope & joy that can only come from the Lord. Because let’s be honest: poverty isn’t a lack of wealth, it’s a lack of hope.

Our time in the community, and in Honduras in general, really got me thinking:

  • How evident are all these things that I say I love about Jesus and what He’s done for me in my life?
  • Is this something that I just say, or is this something that my life also reflects?
  • What if what stood out to me the most from our time in Honduras is what God is calling me to do/be?
  • What is stopping me from being as full of life and the Spirit as the people in Honduras? Why am I letting it be that way?

The further away I get from Honduras, the more evident the hand of the Lord becomes. I think that all our souls were stirred during those days, and I pray that we’re all never the same–including you. –Ben Knaus


“We are poor”, a young mother blatantly explained to me as she watched her daughter play nearby. This was not in a response to a question I had asked, nor did it pertain to our conversation. However, it was something she had deemed necessary for me to know as I was attempting to acquaint myself with Honduras and her people.

As I try and make sense of all that occurred, I have been left with the understanding that whilst economic wealth certainly does not equate to joy, in the same way, poverty does not either. This reminds me of Paul in Philippians:

” I rejoiced greatly in the Lord that at last you renewed your concern for me. Indeed, you were concerned, but you had no opportunity to show it.  I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”

It is not the poverty that brought many of our Honduran friends’ joy, although the lack of material goods better clarified what was inwardly occurring. No, instead, it was the same joy that we, the ‘wealthy’, have access to by faith in Christ Jesus, the joy that is a natural consequence of the recognition that the Lord, as He looks upon us, sees His perfect, blameless Son. There is an abundance of gospel gifts that flow from a recognition of His glory. –Madie Wisnie

Whew. Oh how good our God is! As you can tell, God did things last week in each of us that will forever impact us. He taught us deep truths about His Kingdom and our response to poverty. He showed us what true joy looks like. He opened our eyes to see glimpses of His beauty everywhere. The best part about all of this?! These aren’t things that God only does in Honduras or on a mission trip. He delights to reveal Himself and His truth to us–here and now. Like it says in Hosea 6, let us press on to know Him today wherever our feet fall.

Click here to see more photos from the trip. If you want more info on how to get involved with what The Heights is doing in Honduras, check this out.


Honduras Post #6: Last day, best day.

I can’t believe today was our last full day in Honduras. What a week it’s been! This morning we divided into three groups and got to lay pilas at the homes of three different families. Pilas are outdoor sinks that enable families to have fresher water for their homes. One of the coolest parts of this is getting to meet the families and hear their stories. After doing this, we got to pray for them and give them this gift as a tangible representation of God’s grace and faithfulness. 

It’s been so humbling to watch the Lord reveal Himself and speak clearly to our team this week. Check out these stories from students–

Today we went around the community and laid pilas, an outdoor sink, for families that didn’t have one. While mixing concrete and seeing the people around me, I realized just how selfish we are. We’re worried about wifi not working, the size of our TVs, a new iPhone, etc. Yet many of the people here in Honduras don’t even have a place to wash their dishes or clothes. 

The people are so happy with what they have and are generous to share what they have. I always see a smile on their faces and it’s contagious. I realized that I need to be more selfless rather than selfish. The people I’ve met this week have really helped me realize this, and it’s something that I really want to carry back home into every day life. -Kate Hallisey, freshman at McMillen High School

This week has been amazing. We’ve gotten to see and do so many things. We’ve gotten to meet so many people in the villages. We also have gotten so much painting done too. God has shown me so much about how He pleased He is with when we work for the glory of His Kingdom. I’ve seen this shown through the beautiful sunsets the Lord has brought at the end of each day of work. -Andrew Ord, sophomore at JJ Pearce

Today we worked on installing pilas for families in the village around Promise Home. It was really hard work to mix the concrete by hand, but it was so rewarding to see the families faces after we were done. At the first house there was a five year old boy sitting on the ground playing with cars. I got to sit and play with him while we talked to his mom and it was so special. It was so awesome to think about how this pila will bless this family and this boy. 

At the other house we went to, there was a man living by himself. When we finished the pila, we got to pray for him and he started crying. It was so overwhelming to see how something we think is so small blessed him in such a huge way. 

Overall, I realized how just doing an hours worth of work for someone blesses them in a huge way and gives them a tangible reminder of God’s love for them. -Madi Mullen, sophomore at Vines High School

We finished up our day processing through all the Lord has done in us this week and how the gospel transforms and compels us to bring the Kingdom. We are expectant for how the Lord is going to continue moving in and through us as we return home tomorrow. Continue praying for us as we travel home tomorrow! 

Honduras Post #5: Glimpses of the Kingdom. 

Our Tuesday was another full day, but another great day!! Our schedule was basically the same as yesterday and full of sweet moments of seeing the Kingdom of God come all around us. Check out these students’ stories from the day–

Today in Honduras we did a lot of work. Comparatively, I would say we did nothing in relation to what the Hondurans did. We got to paint and go hang out with kids at a school. The Honduran kids are very gracious, humble and filled with joy. Innumerable times I have seen these kids give our team mates things like letter and candy. After lunch I got to do concrete work to help make a sidewalk. There is something very Spirit-filled about working together towards a cause like this. I think one of my biggest realizations this week is seeing glimpses of what the Kingdom of God will look like. When I experienced the Hondurans worshipping God and relying on nothing but God, I’ve seen that I literally need nothing else but God. I think I’ve seen the best picture of the Kingdom of God in the way the Holy Spirit moves among the Promise Home Church and Orphanage. -Graham Varnell, junior at The Plano Academy

As I’m writing this blog I’m actually having trouble staying awake from how exhausted I am from our day. Concrete is no joke. The guys that do this day in and day out work so hard. Today was a really good day because I was able to see the gospel in everything we did. I saw it in the work we did at the orphanage, helping out wherever we could, spreading God’s love through our physical labor. I saw the gospel in our work at the school, where we brought them food and told them about Jesus, and left some gifts behind that will probably changes lives. Something that has struck me during our time in Honduras is noticing the joy and contentment in all the people I’ve encountered. There is great lack on materialistic things here. But in spite of all their lacking in materialistic things, they give a better representation of the kingdom than I’ve ever seen before. They give a good representation of the Kingdom because in the Kingdom of God we won’t be dissatisfied with what we’ve been given. We will walk in pure joy knowing that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Nothing will stand in our way of worshipping Christ with all our hearts. I have a whole new perspective. -Josh Harris, sophomore at JJ Pearce High School

Being in Honduras has opened my eyes to so many incredible things. One thing that God has continued to lay on my heart is how loving and joyful everyone here is, yet I complain about so many unnecessary things. Going on home visits and seeing how these people invite us into their homes with no hesitation, allowing us to tell our stories amd pray for their families, is a feeling that is unshakeable. I think the highlight of my time here is being able to tell my story to so many different people of all ages and becoming comfortable with that. And I’ll never forget the sunsets and how I could feel the Holy Spirit with us as we sat and watched the sun go down on God’s canvas. -Savannah Jolly, junior at JJ Pearce High School

Today we were working on the orphanage and it was a lot of manual labor. At the end of the day, we knew that it would make a lasting impact, which made doing all of it a little easier. After we worked for a while, we went to the school to do an after school club. This was amazing! We got to love on them and laugh with them and just be changed by their joy in the midst of having so little. It really puts everything in perspective and is a reality check, which I’ve been needing. There was one little girl who I’ve been spending most of my week with and she’s filled my heart with a new kind of love for serving. I get to see all the little kids happy and it makes me reflect and makes me happier as well. One thing that has really stuck out to me was a conversation I had with my dad. We talked about how much our family has physically, but nothing is compared to the genuineness and joy that they have because they have God. -Allison Sievert, sophomore at Williams High School

We lay our heads on our pillows tonight, completely exhausted, but incredibly full from pouring ourselves out for the sake of the Kingdom here. The Spirit is active still, and we are still expectant of how the Father is going to move in our last full day tomorrow. Keep praying!

Honduras Post #4: Cement and sunsets

Monday is done and we are all exhausted in the best way. We started off the day on top of the mountain, working at Promise Home Orphanage. We spent our time laying a cement sidewalk and painting the Director’s home. We enjoyed lunch together and then headed down the to Promise Home Church to host an after school program for kids at the village school. We fed them lunch, acted out the story of the Prodigal Son, did a craft, sang songs and played soccer. This was a cool time to hang out and build relationships with the sweet and energetic kids. After we finished this up, we went back and spent the rest of the afternoon cranking out some painting. Our work day wrapped up watching the sun set over the Promise Home Orphanage and surrounding villages. It was a sweet ending to a full day of ministry. Here are some stories from today from the perspective of students–

Today was a great day! I was painting primer on a building all day, but what was cool was God showing me how I was indirectly sharing the gospel through this. Through me getting dirty and paint covered, I was a part of helping finish the director’s home. From this home, the directors will get to teach the future children that come to the orphanage and share the gospel with them. So even though I wasn’t specifically sharing my testimony, I was still able to share the gospel. -Matthew Ord, senior at JJ Pearce High School

For me today gave me more of a passion for everyone out there working to glorify God. Normally when I hear doing things like that, it’s more of a topic I shrug off, simply because it feels as if everyone is going along with the “Christian Mainstream.” After working today a question that I faced often was whether or not there was a purpose for what we were doing. Two things hit me later: 

1) after seeing the kids, a little girl named Lisbeth, who has impacted my heart in ways I can’t explain, gave me a letter saying how much I mean to her. That went straight to my heart and I actually teared up. 

2) after we got done painting, we went to the back of the orphanage and saw the most beautiful, breath-taking sunset I’ve ever seen. We were on top of the mountain, yet I could hear a piano playing from the village. As I was sitting there, I was completely in awe. My heart felt so in tune to God. It was like the perfect melody that you hear once and can’t get out of your head. It was then that I realized the purpose. My love for God is still pumping through my heart and I can say I finally know what it’s like to experience the Holy Spirit. -Madison Mao, sophomore at Rowlett High School

Today in Honduras we got to work at the orphanage and it was super cool. It really got me thinking about the effect were leaving behind. Not only are we laying sidewalks and painting, but we are making an environment where children are desperately needing to be loved and can experience God’s love. The highlight of my day was that after all that labor, we got to watch the sunset. Just looking over the edge of the mountain and staring at the immensity and vastness of the sky and mountain, it was a huge reminder of God’s beauty and wonder. It made me feel so small and just amazed me to see that the same God who made those beautiful mountains and breathtaking sky created me and loves me. -Natalie Russell, sophomore at Williams High School 

The Spirit is stirring in the hearts of our students and the people we’re getting to minister to. We ended the evening processing how we’re seeing the Kingdom of God advance and why we are more aware of it here rather than at home. We left the night being challenged to think about where our heart is this week and what is keeping us from fully experiencing what the Lord wants to do in us and through us. Keep praying for the Spirit to move! 

Honduras Post #3: Dare to share. 

Our first full day in Honduras is done and it was full indeed. Check out these stories from four of our students on the trip–

Today in Honduras we got to walk through the villages and evangelize. I was overwhelmed. I was talking to a teenage girl and she spoke English. She was telling me how she goes door to door and shares the gospel one to two times a week. I was very convicted that this teenage girl, who has nothing and is the same age as me, is so bold in her faith to share her story. Going into today, I was scared to share my story because I was afraid that it was going to have no impact. I was afraid that these people would not be able to relate to me. I realized that we all have the same God and all have the same wants. We want to be loved and to be fully satisfied. We need Jesus. This trip has already been so eye opening and I cannot wait to see what else God has in store for our team. -Kallie Galvan, sophomore at Dallas Lutheran

So today we went out to do door to door evangelism with the Hondurans. My group got to go to the houses that were closest to the church and at first I was super skeptical about that. I thought that people living next to the church would already be Christian so there was no point of even going, but I was deeply mistaken. We got to hear stories of suffering and it really made me think how bad my “suffering” really is. It made me really think how much I should be enjoying my life and how much God has given me it’s really crazy. It was truly a blessing to experience these people’s lives in just a matter of a small conversation. God had a plan for what happened today and it definitely was indescribable. Thank y’all for all your prayers and just know that the Lord is gonna do something really big this week; I can feel it. -Will Snyder, sophomore at Bishop Lynch

What impacted me the most about today was going out into the village and sharing our testimonies with the people. I told my testimony for the first time. And it touched someone’s heart and she was able to relate to my story. God knew it was going to happen. God had a great purpose for me on this trip and today was the day I realized it. -Jery Ruiz, senior at Plano East Senior High School

Today we got to visit several homes in the village. The one that stuck out to me was a woman named Maria. She told us about her son who had been helping her with her health issues and just general upkeep of the house. He had recently passed away. Bo shared his testimony with her then we prayed for her. While half the group began to wander the yard, I stayed to listen when she kept talking. I found out that her left leg was terribly injured. She couldn’t walk without help and was constantly in pain. She told us that she hadn’t been able to afford a consultation with a doctor, because it was 1,000 lempira. 1,000 lempira is equal to 50 US dollars. 

Right before leaving, I stopped and in the best Spanish I could manage, I told her about my own ankle problems. I explained how I knew what it was like, even though I’m much younger, to be in pain and not walk, because I’d had surgery two years ago to fix it. I told her that with God, everything works out. She had tears in her eyes as she hugged me and agreed that God is in charge of everything. 
The fact that we, as teenagers and youth leaders or parents were able to have such an impact in these people’s lives, is not something I’d expected. Nor is it something I’ll easily forget. -Kimberly Ferrell, freshman at Vines High School

The Lord is at hand, moving and showing us His goodness at work here. Continue praying for the Kingdom to come here and in us!! 



Honduras Post #2: Hola from Honduras!

Greetings from Honduras!
We are here! We flew to Miami and had a short layover. We then caught our flight to Honduras and landed around 2pm. We grabbed our bags and headed through security, where we met up with Bill Hayden, our ministry partner. It was so neat to fly into Honduras during the day because we were able to get a big picture perspective of the country. Then we got to get a more zoomed in picture of it as we drove through through the busy streets to get to our hotel in El Progresso.
Once we made it to the hotel, we dropped our things and went to tour Promise Home. Everyone chattered excitedly as we drove there, anticipating seeing it for the first time or seeing how things have progressed since the last time they were here. We took a couple of hours to explore the orphanage and tilapia farm. We got to meet the two babies who just arrived at Promise Home Orphanage about a week ago. It was a sweet time of celebration as everyone gathered around and loved on baby David and baby Kensy. Bill shared the vision the Lord has given him for this place and the hands and feet of how that is becoming reality.
Right around sunset, we loaded up the bus and headed back to our hotel. We got to eat dinner and get things prepared for a full day of ministry today. We spent some time debriefing what we saw and praying for God to bring us confidence in His Spirit and how He wants to use us here. Then we called it an early night and headed off to bed to get rested for today.
Today is a full day! We get to love on the kids at the Promise Home Church as we lead their Children’s Church. Part of our group will also get started on laying the cement sidewalk up at the orphanage. In the afternoon we will get to go into the villages and bring families gifts of rice and beans and other provisions, along with an invite to join us at church. This is an incredible opportunity for us to share our stories and God’s story. Please be praying for these visits, that the Spirit would lead us and give us the words to say so that we are used for His utmost glory. We are expectant and appreciate all of your prayers and support! Stay tuned for more!

Honduras post #1: Wheels up, Dallas!


It’s bright and early on the first Saturday of spring break. Most people are probably still sleeping, but not this group of 27 folks! We’re about to board our first plane on our journey to Honduras. We will fly to Miami and then catch our last flight to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. We should land in San Pedro Sula around 2pm.

Our friend and ministry partner Bill Hayden, will meet us at the airport. Then our team will load up on a bus headed an hour away to El Progreso, where we will reside for the week at La Cascada hotel. Once we get settled into our hotel rooms, we will then ride about 30 minutes to El Portillo. This is the village where Promise Home Church and Orphanage are located. We will get the grand tour and get to hear the vision of the Promise Home Orphanage.

This week we get to invest the gospel in many different ways. This will look like sharing our stories of God’s grace to us, laying concrete sidewalks at the orphanage, painting one of the last buildings there, acting out the story of the Prodigal Son and loving on kids and families. And many other ways that we aren’t even anticipating!

Join us in praying for the Lord to give us His lenses to see people and circumstances. Like Dave Rhodes said during Chi Alpha weekend, “God’s heart for a nation always runs through His people.” We are asking God to give us His heart for this nation and these people. We are asking God to transform us and the people we get to minister to by the power of the gospel. Father, come and set your Kingdom down here!

We will be posting daily updates and stories of what God is doing here. Stay tuned!

This post was written by Mollie Tyler, Associate Student Minister.

The Overview: MARCH

The month of March will be full of rich ministry and strategic equipping for students to live on mission 24/7.  Our mission is to take personal risks to bring the Gospel to every relationship.  Over the past few weeks, we have heard stories and visibly witnessed students doing this.  Risk is no longer written on a piece of paper or displayed on a graphic throughout the church for some of our students, but it is becoming a natural response to the Gospel transformation taking place.

Here are some opportunities for students to be equipped and grow this month.


March 2:  Switch, 7:00p-8:30p, The Brick

March 9: No Switch

March 16:  Switch, 7:00p-8:30p, The Brick

March 23:  No Switch

March 25:  Good Friday Service, 4:30p-5:30p OR 6:00p-7:00p, The Chapel

March 27:  Easter Sunday

March 30:  Switch, 7:00p-8:30p, The Brick

Bible Fellowship will continue to gather every Sunday morning at 9:15am or 10:50am in The Brick with the exception of Easter Sunday.  There will be no Bible Fellowships on Easter Sunday.



March 2:  No Huddles

March 2:  Honduras Commissioning Service, 6:30p-8:00p, The Brick

March 5-10:  Spring Break Mission Trip to Honduras

March 6:  No Huddles

March 9:  No Huddles

March 13:  High School Gathering, 5:30p-7:00p, The Hub

March 16:  Richardson Huddle, 7:00p-8:30p, Harris Home

March 20:  Church Huddle, 5:30p-7:00p, The Brick

March 20:  Murphy Huddle, 5:30p-7:00p, Fudge Home

March 23:  No Huddles

March 25:  Good Friday Service, 4:30p-5:30p OR 6:00p-7:00p, The Chapel

March 27:  Easter Sunday, No Huddles

March 30:  Richardson Huddle, 7:00p-8:30p, Harris Home

Bible Fellowship will continue to gather every Sunday morning at 9:15am in The Brick with the exception of Easter Sunday.  There will be no Bible Fellowships on Easter Sunday.

Huddles locations can be found at



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Student Minister
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