Launch Box kick-off!

Launch Box has finally arrived and our students have come with energy. The students arrived and immediately went to an orientation called iGosia, a land where customs, people, and rules look very different than what they were used to experiencing. They were split into groups where they had to work together. It got the students off to a great start with meeting their group as well as stretching their minds to think outside their norm. Here are some thoughts from the students about their iGosia experience and what they are expectant for the week of Launch Box.

“I thought iGosia was a very interesting training tool, it did a great job of highlighting the different aspects of mission work. It highlighted how confusing and chaotic being with different cultures can be. I thought it was a good experience to learn how to deal with these people while you may be stressed and under pressure and also be dealing with a large group of people. I came to Launch Box because I’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip since I was little. I love people and kids and the idea of traveling to people groups that are normally unseen to spread Gods love is very exciting to me. I’m very excited to be here and see how God works through me these next few days in the apartment homes.” – Lydia Britten, 8th grade


“For me, iGosia was definitely an interesting experience for me. In the beginning I was really confused about what was going on because there were a bunch of random people being confusing on purpose. During the scavenger hunt, I got really frustrated because every time we accomplished something another task came up; it seemed as if we would never get to our end goal. During the hunt I realized how different personal boundaries were in different countries and how there are new customs and ideas. All in all, I thought it was a good experience and I learned to be flexible and to go with the flow, even if it’s not what I was expecting. I am really excited for Launch Box because I will get to put to use what I’ve learned my entire life, especially at camp. I am excited to become closer with my friends and make new ones. I know Launch Box will make a big impact on my life, because I am finally able to carry out what I started.” – Landry Warner, 7th grade



“At iGosia, we experienced some very confusing things. The people of iGosia were supposed to simulate people of different ethnic background, so interacting with them was supposed to be confusing. Everything was different. Sit meant stand, closed meant open, and no one gave you a straight forward answer as to where things were. It was very difficult, but it gave us a very thorough idea of what another country might be like.” – Jansen Wonders, 10th grade


We have VBS at the different apartment complexes, as well as working at Creekside today. The students have had good attitudes about serving and we are ready for more! Continue to pray for all the families we will interact with this week. Pray we will share the truth of the gospel with them and that our students will grow in their heart for the lost world. We believe that God has called us to bring hope to these families and we are anxious to see how He works.

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