Boston #1: The Heights are coming, The Heights are coming!

Our team of 12 students and 3 adults 
bags are checked, plane tickets are in hand, and we are sitting at the gate, ready to go to Boston! This week we will be joining six other churches in Boston to be apart of a missional week called SummerSalt Global. We will primarily be serving with Encounter Church, a church plant that The Heights supports. We will be staying in Dedham, a suburb of Boston.  

We should arrive in Boston early this afternoon and will go to check in at our hotel. Then we will get to spend the evening exploring Boston and getting acquainted with the city and culture. 

Just to paint a picture of the spiritual climate of Boston, less than 2% of people go to church or consider themselves religious. Boston is located in the third least religious state in America. The largest evangelical church in the town of Dedham is Encounter, with an average of 125-150 people. This is exciting, but also raises up gospel urgency. 

We are excited to come alongside Encounter, and several other church plants in town, to help build relational bridges this week. Join us in praying for the light and hope of the gospel to shine brightly through our team and the churches that we’re partnering with in Boston. 
As I was reading in the final book of the Chronicles of Narnia last night, this quote stuck out to me–“The light is dawning, the lie is broken.” Praying that the light of Christ would shine brightly and that the Spirit will break the lies of the enemy in Boston this week and beyond.

We will be posting daily updates from our time in Boston, so stay tuned! Follow @heightsstudents and check out #thsmboston16 on Instagram and Twitter to keep connected. 

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