Boston #5: Doing good in the neighborhood. 

Yesterday we got to serve with Encounter Church again. Encounter desires to be a church who gives back rather than takes from their community so we got to help make this vision a reality by cleaning up around a popular area of town. Since we were rocking our bright orange “Do Good” shirts, many people got to tangibly see Encounter giving back to the community. It was really cool to watch the Lord change our hearts and attitudes as we served. Two students shared their perspective below–

Even though this is my first mission trip, I have already learned so much. Not only have I learned about how to reach out to others, but I have also learned a lot about myself. One thing I have learned about me is that I get easily discouraged. When I’m serving and I don’t see any responses from the people it can tend to trigger thoughts in my head like “Am I doing something wrong” or ” does this even matter”. However, through this I have learned to have faith in God and he will do his will through our work. I also realized that I get easily distracted. This has really challenged me this week, but I have the Spirit that makes me able to over come it and stay focused on God. This week has been an amazing experience that has really changed the way I view ministry. -Emily Masters, an upcoming sophomore at Wylie Prep   
 Yesterday we went around the city and helped picked up trash, trying to make it a better place. On the surface it just seemed like menial labor to be “good people,” but I felt it was so much more than that. For people to see us out helping the community and giving back to the city is something that shows the people of this city what we really are. For some people the church is something to stay away from and not trust, but we are working to remove that feeling of hostility. I felt that we truly made a difference in the hearts of these people and I felt the Holy Spirt truly move in me. We also went to the new Encounter Church location and prayed over it and I felt that the Holy Spirt did something powerful in that place. I feel like Encounter church is the start of something new in this place with so few gospel preaching churches. I sense that God is working in the hearts of these people in this place. To be able to be a part of praying to God to make this new location a reality was really special to me because it really felt like the Holy Spirt moved in me and did something powerful in that place. -Matthew Britten, an upcoming junior at Plano Senior   

  We had the afternoon off yesterday and got to take the train into Boston and go to a Red Sox game. It was such an incredible experience!! And also the reason why this blog is just now being posted 🙂  

We just finished up our last full day of ministry and will share more about that later. We are so grateful to God for letting us join Him in His work in Boston. And also grateful for your prayers and support! 
“But I will hope continually and will praise you yet more and more.”‭‭ Psalms‬ ‭71:14‬ ‭

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