PURPOSE: At The Heights Student Ministry, our purpose is to lead students in becoming mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

THE MISSION:  Although the mission is not an easy one to accomplish, we fully believe in the mission given to us by Jesus in the Great Commission. Our desire is to see students be more than just a church-going, goody-goodies that don’t curse, drink alcohol, have sex before marriage or disrespect their parents. We want 7th-12th grade students to have an identity so rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ that they are seeking to not only be a disciple, but lead others in being disciples also.

THE DIRECTIVES: Because THSM fully belives in the biblical command to “make disciples”, we have set up the ministry to be centered around building relationships upon the person and work of Jesus Christ. Jesus surrounded himself with a small group of people, taught them about the Father and showed them how to live. They did everything together, then Jesus sent them out to live the way He lived. As a staff and Adult Leadership Team, our goal is to invite students in to our lives so we might challenge them to live as Jesus lived. This happens on Sundays and Wednesdays like a lot of churches, but it can happen on Friday night at a game or Tuesday morning for breakfast.  It moves far beyond the walls of a church building or Bible study gathering

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